How to Choose a Crawlspace / Basement dehumidifier?

    ◎ Choosing the Right Capacity Dehumidifier.
    ◎ Consider Room Conditions.
    ◎ Drain by Condensate Pump or just Gravity?
    ◎ Very Import tings you need to know before ordering.
    ◎ Still Have Questions?
◎ Choosing the Right Capacity Dehumidifier
► Crawlspace and Basement Series Dehumidifiers
When you are choosing a dehumidifier, the first thing you need to figure out is what's the size of the place you need to dehumidify and what's the right capacity you need to choose.
Alorair Crawlspace & Basement series dehumidifiers are designed especially for this market and focus on eliminating high humidity in challenging environments in that tight crawlspace and basement where mold, mildew growth, musty odor, and corrosion can easily appear. With optional water removal capacity ranging from 55pints/day(AHAM) to 140pints/day (AHAM),and Size for up to 2,300 Sq.ft to 8,000 Sq.ft.
Horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets make this series a professional dehumidifier for crawlspaces and basements. Every dehumidifier is ENERGY STAR qualified for super energy efficiency. And they continue to remove water at lower temperature
► Using chart to match the capacity and space area
To meet different capacities for all standard Crawlspace and basement, Alorair Dehumidifiers from this series have moisture removal capacities varied from 55pints/day (AHAM) to 140pints/day (AHAM). So choose a suitable dehumidifier, first step you should know how much the size of the place you need to dehumidify before matching it with the machine's capacity. Below is a very simple chart help you to find out the right capacity based on space conditions and space square footage: So before using this chart to help you choose the right size dehumidifier, you have to know the current environment of the space, is it slightly damp, moderately damp or very damp? Well, the moisture you want to remove always depends on several factors, such as the number of people living in the space and the routine activities. More people in space can produce more air-breathing and that leads to excessive moisture. And houses with low height are more prone to condensation and dampness.
After your judge of the space environment, then just match the environment with the space square footage you owned, finally, you can get a dehumidifier's capacity data, such as 90 pints, and this is the dehumidifier capacity for a specific size area dehumidification.
The below charts show series features and you can compared those series for an accurate choice:
Sentinel HD55
Sentinel HDi90
Sentinel  HD90
55PPD (26L/D)
90PPD (43L/D)
90PPD (43L/D)
Current Draw
3.9 Amps
5.56 Amps
5.56 Amps
Energy factor
2.47 L/kWh
2.88 L/kWh
2.88 L/kWh
Size for
up to 1,300 sq. ft.
up to 2,600 sq. ft.
up to 2,6000 sq. ft.
(W x H x D)
11.8x 17.7 x 11.8in
24.8 x 13.8 x 15.7in
24.8 x 13.8 x 15.7in

◎ Consider Room Conditions

When choosing the right type of dehumidifiers for real life applications, you might not just depend on the chart as conditions vary in real usage. For example, if a small place has multiple people in it, then more moisture will be produced by breathing or daily activities, such as taking a shower or baking or cooking. If any of the below conditions are right for you, you will have to add more pints to the product when choosing: 
● If your place is located in a humid climate, add 10 pints.
● If multiple people live or have routine activities in the space, add 5 pints.
● If your space have many doors or windows, add 5 pints.
● If there's a washer and dryer nearby, add 5 pints.
◎ Drain by Condensate Pump or just Gravity?
Dehumidifier in the market get 3 different drain systems, by the pump, by Gravity or tank,
●Dehumidifier with a tank, firstly for crawlspace and basement we should not choose a dehumidifier with a tank, it is just a cheap and trouble maker, make you busy to clean the tank and unit does not last for long.
● Gravity drain system can be applied to the Crawlspace and basement where have a sump pump installed, just leads the hose to the sump pump.
● Dehumidifier with a Condensate pump, the condensate pump is for the use of draining upwards or for long distances draining. For draining upwards, you have to pass the water pipe through a window to complete the task with the power from the condensate pump.
Pumps often have serious issues such as overheating, detection failure and rusting. Luckily, our engineers have developed a pump that is much more reliable. With a 20’ lifting distance, the condensate pump gives you the freedom to drain anywhere.
◎ Very Import tings you need to know before ordering
► 5 YEAES Warranty and Free Unit Re-dispatch
We believe in quality and after-sales-service, All our high-quality ALORAIR equipment is made for your full utilization. It is sure to last long and still keep its shape look. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with a 5 Years Warranty and a great after-sales-service team countrywide.
If the unit fails, and If it can no longer be fixed, we will arrange the pickup of the unit and ship the customer a new unit within the same year warranty from the date of replacement!
► High COP designed for energy saving
When choosing the right dehumidifier, not only the item's price that you should consider at present but also the long-term electricity consumption. Conventional dehumidifiers consume more power to remove moisture in the air, while AlorAir's Dehumidifiers with Energy Star Rated can save a lot of energy with machine drying the dampness and purifying the air. You can save up to $250 per year in energy costs with dehumidifiers working for your families. As the dehumidify have functions like drying machines, air purifier, using one machine can help you main a consistent relative humidity of 50% or less, you will no longer have to keep the thermostat at low, uncomfortable temperatures once used to control inner house humidity, and that also save your expense on purchasing a thermostat or an air purifier.
► Internal corrosion protection
A advanced Technology to minimize the corrosion and Freon leakage,as you know in Crawlspace and basement,there always get oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide,normal coils get corrosion and Freon leakaged quickly,Alorair Epoxy coating Provide protection in corrosive envioronments and maintain the coil’s heat transfer ability over the life of coil.
► Remote control 
All Alorair professional Crawlspace/Basement dehumidifiers are desiged with the remote monitioring function,it make this unit an ideal choice for places where remote sensing and controlling is required,It is also a good choice for the sound insulation and saving the space usage.
► Auto desroting system
AUTO DEFROSTING SYSTEM,a quick and efficient Defrosting process,truly make dehumidifier ableto work at Low temperature(36 degrees Fahrenheit),makes unit work continuoually and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process,not only saving the energy,but also making unit last longer
► Quick Access to Internal Components
All AlorAir dehumidifiers provide easy access to internal components. Alorair Crawlspace and basement dehumidifiers are equipped with access panels. In addition, the pump has quickly connected cables, so it can be easily removed without accessing the control board. have quick access to the pump and mainboard. Customers can do it by themselves and routine maintenance become easy. Preassembly makes the installation process simple, thereby it reduces the overall installation and project cost.
► Bypass Air Design
As the unique design compared with others, Alorair have the humidity sensor in bypass air design which make the short-cycling go away,
In well sealed dehumidification applications,such as Crawlspace and basement,when the humidity set point get satisfied and dehumidifier stoped,most of dehumidifier in the market always get the worng signal to restart right after it turned off,Actually the ambient condition does not needed, because the humidity senser get effected by the heat and wet resources from the internal parts,such as compressor and evaporator,make dehumidifier turn on and turn off repeatedly until it die after year,or even quicker.
◎ Still Have Questions?
Not sure what's best for you?
We know choosing a dehumidifier isn't an easy decision. To learn more about dehumidifiers, you can write us emails by, we are glad to solve your any doubt about choosing products. We will try our best to make your living space healthy and comfortable.


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