Alorair Dehumidifier Rental

  1. For the Rental Business
  2. Our machine investment in your rental business. Help you develop the European Dehumidifier market.

  3. For Our Customers
  4. Our rental business offers you a one-stop service: you book a home run and the machine is picked up accordingly.

  5. For Suppliers
  6. We have a professional service team in the UK, and you can contact us to start your rental and dealer business.

  7. For Long Term Rental Busines
  8. All Dehumidifier products are used by our official brand to help you develop your rental business.

Be a Dropshipper

To sign up as a dropshipper, simply register a dropship account on the thedryair GB website and include your company's details.

  1. High margins Quality websites and Great customer service
  2. NO Inventory issues
  3. No Shipping complexities
  4. No Supplier errors, you can order from thedryair local agent
  5. customization and branding, white label business is offered
  6. Custom packing slip printed for every package with your store's logo on it
  7. Flexible location, GB, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland