An air mover or carpet blower is an essential piece of carpet cleaning equipment. Below are the 5 tips to help you find the right air mover with the most useful consideration factors that affect people choosing the device:

Motor Strength (Power and Speed)
Pick the motor no less than a 1 HP of air mover to guarantee you get maximum motor power and wind stream. Ideally pick the fan speed settings with at least 3 grades. A lower fan speed can be convenient for a small room application with super lower noise level.

 Driving Airflow, Strong Efficiency
Find an air mover with satisfying strong wind stream. Airflow is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Air mover’s proficiency and direction of airflow should also be considered. The air should be directed low over the floor with power. If you stand 8 meters away from the air mover, you should also feel the strong wind from that device.

Rugged Body And Construction
Select an air mover with an extreme rotational shaped polyethylene body to battle with collision and hostile environment. Another element to consider is mobility. Some air movers have transport wheels and convenient handles for simple transport and less lifting.

Electrical Safety
Guarantee the machine is appropriately earthed. Your air mover must be professionally test and labeled according to relevant stipulation.Routinely check the electric line and whole machine to guarantee it is safe to use.

Floor Covering Clamp
It's an awesome thought to purchase an air mover with a carpet clamp. Whether you are drying floor coverings or carpets, it would be quite simple using the carpet clamp to grasp the body of the material you are drying.

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