Dehumidifier products can be divided into two categories: household dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers are subdivided into two categories for civil and industrial use in the industry. This article will make a shallow analysis of this industry from multiple dehumidifier industry, there are two different voices in the industry. Optimists believe that although the base of dehumidifier market is small now, with the economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, the prospects are worthy of recognition. In the next few years, the popularization of dehumidifier in Chinese households will be the same as the popularization of dehumidifier in households will be the same as the popularization of household air conditioners, and the commercial sectors will surely make great progress. But conservatives believe that the prospects are relative. If more big brands and big companies participate in this market in the future, it will be difficult for other brands to survive, and the market will be reshuffled by then. It will take a long time for the air dehumidifier market to be mature. The improvement of technology and the diversification of product functions and appearance are also problems that the industry needs to solve urgently. In addition, the country also needs to introduce relevant standards to guide, promote and standardize the dehumidification equipment market. I believe that with the efforts of various parties, the dehumidifier may usher in a different tomorrow in the near future. When the domestic dehumidifier products as a whole are entering a mature period, the profit of their products has been very transparent. In the face of fierce competition, conventional dehumidifier can only compete to reduce prices.

In addition to reducing production and operating costs, dehumidifier companies are seeking development in the new wave of economic inflation. It is more important to segment the dehumidifier market. The dehumidifier company represented by Oujingm a leading dehumidification company in US, divides the dehumidifier market into a non-standard model demand market, and the product market is focused on the latter. So called non-standard dehumidifier is a customized dehumidifier product based on the actual working conditions of the customer's site.