When selecting the ideal air scrubber for your situation, certain factors must be considered. Performance and quality are the key factors that determine the efficiency of the air freshening device in restoration and mold remediation projects. Below are several main factors for your reference when choosing:

Filtration System

The filtration system is the core component of the portable air scrubber as it plays a fundamental role in the particle and odor filtration process. The quality of the filter determines the efficiency of the air scrubber and the cost of future maintenance.

Selecting the correct filter for your air scrubber model will provide a large holding capacity for captured dirty particles and a guaranteed lifespan. Moreover, the filter should not present the unit with a significant airflow loss. A professional filtration system requires three stages of filters for different particle sizes. When considering odor/gas filtration as well, the device should be equipped with a fourth stage.

Types of Blowers

Air scrubbers need a powerful blower to resist the debris buildup on the filters, which can decrease the airflow and causes static resistance. This circumstance will bring a substandard effect on the device's overall work efficiency.

Blowers with specific characteristics are produced for certain applications. Airfoil-type blowers are suitable for air scrubbers as they can overcome the pressure drop from dirty filters. This blower will provide a powerful airflow and extend the life span of a filter when the filter starts to collect debris.

Airflow Options

When selecting an air scrubber with adequate airflow, you must bear in mind that the higher the airflow is, the larger the size of the device will be.

Depending on the location size and work intensity, a 500 CFM airflow air scrubber will be more than suitable for a regular household where small projects are common. Meanwhile, cleaning companies that do a wide variety of restoration and cleaning jobs have a higher requirement for driving airflow;
Therefore, a 1,000 CFM airflow air scrubber that provides moderate airflow with easy transportation is recommended.

Single-Speed or Multiple-Speed

Air scrubbers have two speed modes: single-speed and multiple-speed. Different applications and situations may require different speed modes.

A multiple-speed system provides adjustable airflow when required during a cleaning job, which can be more flexible compared to a single-speed system. The multiple-speed mode is also applicable for air re-circulation. The single-speed mode cannot be adjusted for airspeed and related airflow noise, which may need to be controlled by the customer during use.

Easy Transportation

Since air movers must be transported frequently to different locations for diverse jobs, a portable air scrubber is recommended for its flexible usage.

Air scrubbers are mainly designed for a one-person or two-person operation. For easy transportation, it’s recommended to choose a relatively lightweight device where only one person can start and finish the operation.


Before purchasing an air scrubber, the assigned warranty and the extent of the warranty coverage for air scrubbers in case of future maintenance or machine failure states you are insured with a 1 Year Complete Warranty and then a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

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