Maybe most of families are confused with choosing a proper air filter, we know that there are some factors that affect your choice, so some suggestions are provided for you, in order to help you select a proper dehumidifier.

1. Choose the size of dehumidifier according to the area of your room

How to choose the size when buying a dehumidifier? It depends on how big the room needs to be dehumidified. Measure the area of the main room where the dehumidifier will be placed. Choose a dehumidifier of the right size according to the area of the room

2. Choose a dehumidifier based on its dehumidification capacity.

In addition to the area of the room, the selection of a dehumidifier must also consider the humidity value in a specific room. The dehumidification capacity of a dehumidifier is measured by the volume of water vapor extracted from the air by the machine in 24 hours. After using the dehumidifier, the humidity in the room will drop to a level that satisfies you. For example, there is a 46 square-meter, humid, musty room that needs to be dehumidified. You have to use a dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 23L to 26 L. If you don't know which size of dehumidifier can meet your needs, consult the shopping guide of the mall. A dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 21L/day is fully capable of dehumidifying a 230 ft.

3. Buy a large dehumidifier for a large room or basement.

The large the dehumidifier, e faster the moisture in the air can be sucked away. And you don't have to empty the water tank frequently. However, large dehumidifiers are more expensive and high energy consumption, which will increase your total cost undoubtedly.

4. Purchase special dehumidifier for certain areas.

If the places that needs to be dehumidified is a sauna, billiard room, warehouse or other special areas, then you have to buy a dehumidifier specially designed for these places. You can buy this special dehumidifier at a home improvement store.

5. Purchase a mobile dehumidifier

If you need to move the dehumidifier from one room to frequently, consider buying a mobile dehumidifier. This type of dehumidifier is either equipped with wheels at the bottom, or it is light in weight and can be move easily. With a mobile dehumidifier, you can move the machine in the room.

If several rooms in the house need to be dehumidified you don't need to buy a dehumidifier for a certain room. Just install the dehumidifier and the air conditioning system of the house together through ducts.

Select the desired dehumidifier function. Modern dehumidifiers have many functions and settings, the higher the price of the dehumidifier, the more functions and settings of the machine. Here are some possible functions of the dehumidifier:

Adjustable humidistat: Through this function, you can control the indoor humidity level. Set the humidistat to a satisfactory relative humidity. When the actual humidity reaches the set value, the machine will automatically shut down.

Built-in hygrometer: It can read the humidity value in the room and help you correctly set the maximum dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier.

Automatic - defrosting: If the dehumidifier is used for too long, the refrigeration coil of the machine will easily form frost. Frost can damage the components of the dehumidifier. The automatic defrost function can ensure that the fan of the machine keeps running, which has the effect of defrosting.